I am the lone programmer for by current employer, and often I feel like a parent. Why?

For one, nobody will understand the work that goes on in the background. They ask for a program that will let the middle management put custom announcements on three daisy-chained TVs. So the database is built to store the entries, MySQL users added, session logins created for the managers, custom forms built, and it works perfectly. The response? “Cool, can you build a voice analytics tool for our call recordings now”? Nobody will understand the work that went into, the beautifully maintainable, documented, version controlled code that runs that ‘cool’ program.

My agents are my teenagers. I have experience to know how greatly a tool could help them, test it extensively, and release this gem saying “Here, isn’t this fantastic? This will help you so much!”. It sits. Nobody uses it, they said they wanted it, but nobody uses it. Why can’t they see how much this will help them? Why don’t they use this? Is this any different than the gripe of a parent who’s been in their kid’s shoes before?


So hey Mom and Dad, I see what you meant now; and those doing thankless jobs, whether it be technology or parenthood, you’re the real MVPs.


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