Lunch today was spent with some incredible people. A CEO and CIO of the 8th largest automotive group, CEO and Co-Owner of a software company, and yours truly. What a shame it would have been to spend this time with some intelligent, successful, and well versed managers and not take anything away. Continue reading and I’ll share this knowledge with you, if someone is forcing you to read this click here to entertain yourself and tell whomever is making you read that it was beautiful and inspiring article ;).

First takeaway was extremely very unexpected. If an employee makes a very expensive mistake odds are he will be condemned heavily, and a company wide policy will be hastily put in place to keep it from happening again. Now the employee is grudgingly fixing it, and there are many sour employees about the new policy. What is the alternative? Talk to the offending employee, employees will make mistakes no matter how many policies are in place, and don’t jump to criticism. They already know what they did wrong, and the beating they’re giving themselves is plenty of punishment. Ask them how they’re going to fix it, and let them. Respect will be earned, and trust me they’re not going to make that mistake again.

The second takeaway I can honestly say has never even crossed my mind, and it’s a massive paradigm shift. If you’re a manager, your employees don’t work for you, you work for them! (If the IRS is reading this, please give me a moment to explain before you audit me too hard). Now does this mean you should go to your employees and have them make all the decisions on the companies direction? Not quite. When the company’s vision has been decided and communicated, although, you should be asking your employees what you can do to help them reach that goal. Essentially working for them! When they come back with what they need, ask them what they will do to make that happen and what they need from you. If they’re not willing to put effort in, then unfortunately there is not much you can do. Skill can be taught, will can not. If the will is there, then work for them to reach that vision.

If nothing else, the salmon burger was fantastic.


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