Today a good friend brought my attention to some old videos we filmed back in High School and the memories rushed back.

The name of the channel came to use after a pretty funny incident. We were filming a scene for a little indie movie (unfortunately never finished, but a pretty entertaining trailer came of it) and we filmed a part where what we were trying to do is hitch hike, have a semi pass by without picking us up, and have the motor-home pull over to pick us up. Unfortunately, the semi decided to stop and give us a ride! After we had a laugh with the driver, we couldn’t replicate the scene the way we wanted so had to ditch it and head home. Although, we got a great name out of it, Accidental Hitchhiking Productions.

Looking back couldn’t believe that we made these all these videos with an iPad; filming and editing.  Some of them didn’t come out half bad for what we were using. Most of them were awful, but man were they fun to film.

One that didn’t turn out half bad at all was a video we did for a school project. Edited pretty smooth for something done in iMovie, and maybe it’s just me but still makes me laugh. Given our subject was ‘How to Rob a House’ the teacher that assigned the project didn’t find it all that funny. One of my biggest pet peeves about public education, why should a spoof on a subject that would be illegal if actually performed (we had absolute permission to use everything in the video) get in the way of a really good, creative production? It doesn’t always have to be “by the book” when we all learn differently?

It was a fun walk down memory lane 🙂

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