We’ve discussed sincere appreciation and genuine interest, but if we do it without one simple rule our word may be disregarded every time. Smile! Have you ever noticed how the big genuine smile of a baby makes you feel? It’s contagious! You can’t help but to smile back. The same thing works for us!

If I were to give you a sincere compliment today with a massive scowl on my face how do you think it would be received? Odds are you wouldn’t hear a word I said and see nothing but the look on my face when I said it. We may be doing the same thing with our employees. As we know here at the call center smiling can even be heard over the phone, so think of how much a difference it will make with our employees in person.

Theodore Snow, a manager for a computer company, was struggling to a fill a position when he finally found an applicant with the skillset needed for the job. He was desperate to recruit this young man, but couldn’t offer nearly as much as the companies he was competing with. He was overjoyed when the applicant decided to take his offer! When has asked him why he had chosen to accept he stated “All the other managers I spoke had a cold, business like tone in all of our interactions, you on the other hand sounded genuinely happy to hear from me”.

While being genuinely interested and showing sincere appreciation to your employees don’t forget to smile!

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