Nobody likes change, yet as much as we deny change, it continues to happen. We didn’t give things permission to change, we didn’t want things to change, and yet they went and changed on us anyways. Was it his fault? Was it her fault? Hell, was it the government’s fault? Are we wasting time trying to figure out who’s fault it was? After all the change already happened.

Recently my steady, enjoyable, awesome job had such a drastic change it was devastating. Let me paint a picture for you; I come into work, I’m the one that makes people laugh, fixes their IT issues, comes up with cool ideas, I never delivered bad news. I was given the opportunity to put my studies to practical application, to write, it wasn’t a ‘job’ as it ceased to be work.

What goes up must come down, and it boy did it come down. Our WFM manager put in his two weeks to move on to bigger and better things, our WFM analyst had an rapid and unexpected change of career path, and yours truly was left holding both ends of the rope with the slack tangled around his ankles. Denial was prevalent during this time, only half effort was put into learning the new responsibilities that would be required. I was so sick of hearing the question “Are you okay? You’re not yourself”. I was entitled to be mad, after all the cheese I was entitled to was removed from me.

Now there are several paths that are laid out for the future. I can travel down the road marked “Resentment” where entitlement can eat away every work day, I can hang my head and walk down the path marked “Defeat” that leads away from the challenge and find an easy day job, or I can accept the change and move on. There is a massive mountain to climb, pain to be felt, and no map our GPS to guide us on our way.

When change rears it’s ugly face in your life what will you do? Will accept the monster head on and walk away triumphant? The other options are to let fear dictate your failure, or to stomp your feet in denial and let anger drive your decision. The change you have to encounter is terrifying, nobody can understand how you feel while handling it, but what can you accomplish if you don’t let fear decide for you?

A special thank you to Randy Riches for introducing me to “Who Moved My Cheese” at what couldn’t have been a better time. Accept the change and enjoy it!

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