Tale of Two CEOs

Lunch today was spent with some incredible people. A CEO and CIO of the 8th largest automotive group, CEO and Co-Owner of a software company, and yours truly. What a shame it would have been to spend this time with some intelligent, successful, and well versed managers and not take anything away. Continue reading and […]

No-Post RDA

Here is an interesting approach to an RDA design that I created for fun. I don’t ever see it going mainstream, so why design it? When there was a craze about adding more and more coils to build I figured out why not build a platform that would allow you to add in as many […]

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The V-Twin RDA

The V-Twin RDA was my first production CAD design. Released when I was 18, it was by far the most motivating experience of my life. To have something go from an idea, to renders on a computer, to an actual product was unbelievable. The design was unlike anything else that was on the market at […]

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Management Skills: Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation

What is a human’s greatest desire after the necessities of food, water, oxygen, and shelter have been obtained? The feeling of importance. Sigmund Freud put it as the ‘desire to be great’, John Dewey phrased it the ‘desire to be important’. Regardless it is craving that is nearly never satisfied. This desire is what pushes […]